OS5 mobile app ... useless ...?

been using OS3 versions of the mobile app for a while and although it was archaic by today’s standards, it allowed me to do some basic file functions (directly in the mobile app) that, for whatever reason, is not there in the OS5 version:

trying to copy a file in a share folder on my NAS to another share on my NAS, using the iOS app. I tried looking everywhere in the app and no such functionality exists.

I can access and see my Public and Private shares in the app, but not able to do basic file functions like copy/paste or even move a file between the shares. the only choice i had when choosing a file is to ‘move’ and only to another folder within the Share (not any other share). I also saw some functionality related to pictures/videos/media that doesn’t exist for the rest of the file types I store (PDF’s, Word, Excel, or basically anything that’s not a picture or video) …

am I missing something obvious ?