OS5 Issues with memory overload and missing web files app


I recently updated to OS 5. After the update, in the app section, I noticed that the web file app is missing. Was it removed? I need it so I can copy and delete data from the PR4100 directly. I turned off all of the appliances at home but still, the same issue persists.

Additionally, I noticed that the NAS HDDs are constantly working for a few days now and the memory is used about 90%. I have RAID 0

@madamjan WebFile viewer is no longer supported in My Cloud OS 5.
The following article explains the Indexing which is causing the CPU Usage. The Indexing will take a bit of time, as explained in the article listed below so please allow the process to complete or you can disable Cloud Access as explained in the article.

My Cloud OS 5 Release Notes

If you enable ssh then you can WinSCP into the machine and you have full access to all your data under the shares folder.

I assume you refer here to Mapping a drive? I did already that and I have access to my content through windows explorer. I used the web file viewer app to do a back up of the entire storage from time to time on an external HDD. I somehow always have had problems to establish a proper back up, as whenever I tried I got message that there is an error in the back up process. So simply what I used to do is to copy and paste entire content to an external drive. I saw now there is already a Back up app in the apps section and I’ll give a try and see how it goes.

Hi SBrown,

The NAS was on for 3-4 days and the sound of HDDs working was always preset, uninterruptedly. Whenever I checked the usage, the Memory was used 80%. The CPU was much less, but still active. When I disabled the WiFi, it stopped, but it was always present even when I switched off all of my devices from the Wifi.
I’ll try the options mentioned in the thread you shared and let you know how it goes

This is how my dashboard looks like. I do not see the Indexing issue, but by no reason, MyCloud decided to rebuilt my Disc 1. I did not see any error messages. You can see that the RAM is fully engaged. I do have WD Smartware active, to only back up part of my laptop. The activity of Mycloud does not stop when my laptop is off. Can I see where the memory has been used? I cant see the processes anymore as in the previous OS…