OS5 backup between two EX2 Ultras

I currently have an EX2 Ultra and an EX2, both running OS3. The EX2 Ultra backs up nightly to the EX2 that is in a different location. It’s worked great for years. I never upgraded to the OS5 software on either device as I heard backups were not working. Has this been addressed? I’m now being forced to replace my EX2 and upgrade to OS5. I don’t mind getting another EX2 Ultra for my backup machine, but I need to know if the OS5 backup issue has been resolved.

Define “forced”.

Both units can continue to run O/S 3.
The only thing that is going to change is WD will be shutting off their O/S 3 servers.

(This means the WD web access and phone apps will go away).

You can continue to use both units across the internet, but you have to bring your own tools (VPN, FTP, etc.)

Word of caution: I think you are saying you have these machines exposed to the internet. That is not wise. Security vulnerabilities.

OS5 is “newer”; but from a security vantage point; WD is not noted for their security and speedy vulnerability response.

Frankly; for ANY Wd device, I would block internet access to the unit at the router level.

If you need internet access; I would start shopping.