OS5 App cannot open folders on PR4100

I can see my PR4100 from the OS5 app, both on iPhone & Android ablet, but tapping the folder icon does not give access to the folders. On the iPhone after it says hello, it just displays a spinning wheel for ever.
Last week i could access the folders, upload & download files, but not any more.
Access using the web page works fine, but not the app.
The 4100, Phone & tablet are all on the same LAN, yet if I click “+ Share” I get a message to the effect that the "NAS Drive must me on same local network
A friend has a Mycloud Mirror drive, he has exactly the same problem.
Migration from OS3 to OS5 has been an unmitigated disaster.
Also, this form page is very badly designed. I have to select a topic, even though none seems to be suitable, whats more the window that opens does not allow me to read what each topic is about, it is far to small & does not support scrolling though a topic, just scrolling down the list of unreadable topics

Please sign out an sign into the My Cloud OS 5 mobile apps to resolve the issue

Thank you
The sign out button us well hidden!