OS3 downgrade from OS5 ASAP!

Good morning folks, I “updated” my MyCloud Gen1 to OS5 but it keeps “indexing” no matter what. I’m trying to reach you via this forum to know it there is any way to rollback to OS3. I was surfing the internet and I always get topics about other units of NAS. I need this because I’m planning to move a lot due my studies but I’m not able to use any portable disk as my to-go and OS5 won’t let me use cloud access as I had with OS3. Thanks in advance.

@josesalebe Please check the following OS 5 Indexing resources. Indexing must occur in order for you to see and access your content remotely in OS 5.

Thanks for your reply. It doesn’t work at all. Indexing always go upto 80% after 1 week (200mbps internet connection and 200gb data to upload) and then says “error”, which wasn’t happening in OS3. Only want to use all my data but that error still showing up.

The single bay first generation v4.x firmware My Cloud cannot be updated to OS5. Do you really have a second generation single bay My Cloud that was previously running v2.x firmware? Or do you have some other My Cloud model that supports OS5?

One can check the P/N numbers on the bottom of their single bay My Cloud. If it ends with “-10” then it is second gen. If it ends with “-00” then it is first gen.

If one wants to attempt to unofficially roll back to OS3, which is NOT supported by WD and which one does so at their own risk, they can search the subforum here (search feature - magnifying glass icon upper right). There are a number of past discussions. There are also some discussions on rolling back in the OS3 My Cloud subforum. For example a prior discussion from the OS5 subforum:

How to revert back to OS3 from OS5 for MyCloud Gen2

As always backup your user data before attempting to roll back to OS3.

Bennor! Thanks for your reply, yes it’s is a second gen MyCloud. How do I get rid of this OS5 issues? for example not indexing at 100% or just letting me transfer less than 600mb of data, because if not it crash and I need to unplug and then plug the cable. Thanks in advance.

One can disable certain OS5 “features” to see if it fixes the issues (many) are experiencing. One can start by disabling remote access and installed media servers. Of course this disables the feature(s) that are the main reason why some use these devices in the first place.

My Cloud OS 5: How To Disable and Enable My Cloud Indexing and Media Services

You can contact WD through the Support link at the top of the page and start a Support Case with WD to see if they’ll, maybe, provide any help. You can search through the Knowledge Base link at the top of the page to see if there are additional knowledge base articles that apply and that may have (or not have) solutions to your issues.

Or you can attempt to downgrade or roll back to OS3. At your own risk!