OS3 [data loss] Destroyed safepoints on external USB drive

I updated to WDMyCloud v04.04.00-308 : Core F/W  just a few moments ago, and found that my safepoints (which I’ve been creating for months) are now all gone. Both the data, and the definition of how to create safepoints (where and when) are all gone.

I tried to manually create a new safepoint, and now get this message:

Failed request received during this safepoint operation. (402002)

I get this error no matter how I do the safepoint (i.e. now vs later, auto-update or not).

The USB drive itself is fine, and I can browse it without issue. There’s just no WD safepoint data on it, though there is an empty “_WDPROT” folder on it that was created at the time I tried a manual safepoint.

My safepoints were previously created at 4:00am every night, and succeeded last night as well (I get email notifications), but browing to restore a safepoint says I have none.

I’m not even sure I really want or expect an answer at this point. A backup device that destroys backups doesn’t really deserve a second chance, in my book.

Hello, welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear that after the firmware update your safepoints are no longer on your USB drive. We have passed this along to support.