OS x Mountain Lion Problems with My Book Live


MacBook Pro Mid 2011, OS X 8.1, Virgin Broadband 20Mb, up to 300Mb Netgear wifi Dual router 2.4G and 5G.

Ok, so I downloaded Mountain Lion the same day I bought the My Book Live drive, a little ingnorantly perhaps.

Anyway,  after I installed both, I was able to setup time machine with little effort, everything seemed to sync over the network no problem, despite it being time consuming, but I put that down to the 205Gb worth of files needing to be copied. Next I started copying files across from an older WD external hard drive to MBL, obviously using OS X 8.1 an my interface. This led to my finder crashing and having to be relaunched. I tried this various times with variing file sizes, the largest being 40gb and the smallest being about 30Mb. All with the same resault, or lack there of. 

My work around was to copy from the HD to desk top and then from the desk top to the NAS, not exactly slick. And I had to do it in stages too, never bigger than 40gb at a time, as you can imagine this was very time consuming and pretty frustrating. 

Now, I have everything set the way I want it, all my music, movies and documents all in one place, I have web access on my mac and WD2go on two of my iOS devices, but, the problem is file transfer is shockingly slow on the mac, running  much quicker on the iPhone over a number of tested networks and even 3G. In fact., a lot of the time os x finder won’t even see the files on the drive unless I give it 15-30 min. 

And all the while time machine continues to work fine!!!

Is this how MBL is with older OS Xes or is this just Mountain Lion teething problems? 

Is there a quick work around? 

Is it something I’m doing? Or not doing? I’ve check for firmware upgrades but there’s nothing! 

Any advise, or have I been one of those early adaptors that will pay for my impatience?



If you are using the wd2go app to access the MBL locally, select the option to access the MBL from your local network. If you select the option to connect manually the transfer speed will depend on your internet speed.