OS Backup


When I setup my Windows Server Essentials R2 server last year, I took a complete image using Server Backup on an external drive. I am trying to take another backup on the same drive but it gives me the following warning:

You selected a hard drive that might be divided into one or more logical drives. When you finish this wizard, the server will reformat the following hard drives:

Drives: E

If you continue, all existing data will be deleted. Do you want to continue?

I want to keep my gold backup from last year so I tried to copy that folder by creating a folder in Server Folders. To test if this would work in case I needed to restore from it, I tried to restore some files to check if the OS would read this location but it wouldn’t show up. How can I make sure that I keep my backup from last year and then use the external drive to setup a regular server backup?



Make sure you copied the entire tree

even though it may be “on this server” since you copied them, select “on another server” in the wizard and you should be able to find them

Gramps - could you please be more specific? I am not sure how to copy the tree you are referring to.


start at the top :slight_smile:

i think it is

windows server backup or maybe windwows server image backup

the main trick is selecting on another server

I did not think Windows Server Backup that comes with Storage Server 2008 would backup dirves over 2TB? I have tried and it says it won’t do drives this large. Is there something I am missing about using Windows Server Backujp?


I only put two 2tb drives in my box so I would be able to back it up.

Gramps - I tried your steps but it still doesn’t work. I think I am probably doing it wrong so if you can list the exact navigation, that would greatly help.


I am on the road now so I cant play with it.

Move windows server backup out of server shared folders where you said it was and put it in the root