OS 5 downgrade to OS 3

Is there a process and software available to revert to OS 3? I have not been able to backup my MyCloudEx2Ultra since upgrading to OS 5. Time Machine is not functional and while Acronis True Image 2021 backups seem to work, all attempts have resulted in an error at the end of the backup. I never had any issues with OS 3 and I want to go back.

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me too!

Me too. OS3 was bad but not as horribly bad as OS5. Maybe they shouldn’t have skipped OS4.

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At this point, call OS 3 an upgrade, I’m still actively looking for a way to safely upgrade my PR4100 to OS 3 before this OS 5 ■■■■ chews through my hard disks

Edit: Saw this post in another thread, please note that I’ve not tried this yet.

same here. My NAS is hanging every other day - I need to power it off to restore connectivity. This is getting old. And the indexing feature is annoying to say the least - it was running for 3 days in a row. So this is not a question of patience, but bad code. The OS 5 team must listen to customers! I’m in to go back - I did expect challenges but this is unreasonable. Give us a XMas present by doing it right for customers - either fix OS 5 or create a downgrade path…


What do you think why they skipped OS4?

My glass ball: I think the OS4 project failed due to unrealistic time lines and targets. They got a new project manager, restarted under the name OS5 and glued the “good parts” from the OS4 desaster together and shipped it as OS5.

Just my experience from 80% failed IT projects in my life, from which officially only 10% failed.

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