OS 5 Cloud Access cannot be Established, Cloud Account not Displayed in Dashboard

Try signing out on all devices to that can sign into the cloud and try again

Also try this

Due to another problem (recurring fan alerts saying fan not working, event 0029) Western Digital recently sent a brand new EX2 Ultra in exchange with my old one, which had still been within warranty bounds. After the exchange, which by the way happened smoothly and without delays (i.e. within one week, counted from the day I sent the old device on its way to WD), I wanted the My Cloud account deleted in order to really start ‘from scratch’ with the new device. As it is not possible to do this yourself, I created a support call with the request of My Cloud account deletion. It took several more messages to get the account deleted, which was eventually accomplished three weeks (!) later.
For the time being, I have therefore decided to no longer waste time on this subject and thus to not create a My Cloud account and to only use the device as a local file server.

Same problem here.
When logging in to cloud from EX2 dashboard:
some thing went wrong…… Check internet connection. Invalid State.

Tried factory resetting the device.
Still not working.

I have this problem also. On 2 different cloud devices.

Had this yesterday. Got solved at some point.
However, there were no announcement on the status website.


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