Original Thumbnail Software

I have a WDTV HD Media Player, 1st generation. A number of years ago I downloaded a piece of software called WDTVThumbs (I think). This was a fairly simple application that allowed me to create thumbnails based on the name of the file which was fantastic for TV show episodes. Does anyone know if this application is still available? The later thumbs programs seem to be a lot more complex.

didya try gOOgle ?


Hi Joey,

Yes, I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking but it seems to have vanished.

ThumbGen and the other newer apps don’t seem to give me what I need.

sorry then …can’t help

wow  :dizzy_face:  1st Gen WDTV  … mine is being used as dust collector :wink:

I have version …I was trying to find where I got it from originally to see if there has been any updates. If you want the version I have …let me know.

Yes please, that would be fantastic!

Hi, could you let me know where I could download this from? v1.0.04 is just fine.

Many thanks

Do you have a dropbox that I can put it in?

Hi there,

You can use this Dropbox area :-

Thanks again!


I’ve created a Dropbox area and given access to wdsupport@wdc.com. Is this OK?

The link is https://www.dropbox.com/sh/smxe6lewzdg1po0/AAB5J8XZTT5QewhW1hMuxZ_Ua?dl=0


I’m sending you a private message.

Hi . . . I’ve found your private message and added you to my Dropbox . . . thanks again

I put the file in dropbox.

Got it . . . and that’s the exact file I was after, thanks again!

No problem. I wish the person that made it was still keeping up with it.