Original installation of WDTVLive

I have just purchased this and connected it to my TV for the sole purpose (until I have the hardware later for streaming) of accessing files on a USB stick. But the on-screen instructions for setting the player up stall when they ask for my “wireless network password”. I do not have one of these and will not have one until I purchase the hardword to go wireless which is still a month or two away.  How do I bypass this requirement so I can begin reading USBs

Make something up – type in “password” – it apparently won’t be used anyway and you can change it later  You can delete it if this idea doesn’t work.  One thing for certain, you can’t “break” the WD doing so.

Since my model is not an SMP, perhaps someone elso has a better solution.

Check if you have a white X that you can press to cancel the wireless setup. Go to page 71 of the manual for an example. 


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Thanks for this but I tried the white X method first and it worked AOK.

The white X method worked just fine thanks. FYI though the white X appeared on one of the first set up screens and Page 71 of the manual is about slideshow playback controls. But I got the message anyway . Thanks for the clue.