Original firmware for AV-25 WD3200BUDT


My problem is caused by a WD3200BUDT-62DPZY0, which I picked from Sagemcom satellite tuner. I want to use it in my laptop. It’s a normal, 2,5" inch size hard drive, but computer shows it have a capacity of 0GB. So formatting it doesn’t work. 

I have discovered, that HPA cannot be modified, because drive have status “DCO Frozen”, worse, in any way I tried it cannot be unfreezed. Most of the hdparm commands ends with unexpectable error. Because on the cover it have “ELSIL Tunisia” plate with parameters of the drive, I think, they can modified firmware…

So my question is - how to unfreeze drive and restore its origininal capacity of 320GB, eventually, from where I cen get original WD firmware to replace it? Thanks for any help! 

See with writing zeros with DLG works. Check the link for the steps.