Organizing Files

Trying to organize music files in the Live Hub. Don’t know if it’s relevant, but I uploaded files from from a separate hard drive through my old laptop (XP) and WD Discovery app.  

Set Hub to filter “Artists” and sort alphabetically.  Problem is that Live Hub recognized the artists and if a band name starts with “The” it put that in and then sorted the names alphabetically, with all those bands (like over 125 of them, in my case) all listed under the letter ‘T’.  In the original files I had taken out “The”, “A”, etc., just to prevent that from happening.

Is there any way of changing that? I want to find the Beatles (for instance) under ‘B’, not ‘T’!

Also, selecting an artist brings up all tracks from all albums, NOT the individual albums, and they’re all jumbled together.

Any way to change that, as well?

And “Favorites” are displayed by song, not by artist- another organizational problem.

Hello and welcome to the WD community.

When you check the content are you using this on a local drive on through the network?