Organization for backing data with WD Smarware


Do categories in backup include the subfolders?

As I noticed that WD Smartsoftware will be backing up the data in categories such as:My passport:\C:\Documents and settings\Documents…
And all categories will be in the backup volume which is in my case is C
If I have specific organization for my data and want it to be backed with the same organization. Take this, for example
First: I have one physical partition on which all my data and Windows are. , if I have a folder on the desktop whose name is ‘Various tutorials’.
Inside"Various tutorials" another folder is “computer”. Also, inside “computer” other folder is “software” and “windows” " English Lessons ,  and so on.
Second: I have another folder is “Copies of Software” inside which are other folders "programs with dealing with pictures, programs with dealing with hard disks and so on.

Third:if I have a folder whose name is Films on desktop contains some movies. Also, inside it other sub folders. Such as “Children Movie”

So my question is: Can I found these sub- folders(subset) backed up with the same organization in those categories? As a result, the paths for subset I have mentioned above will be as follows:
First:: My Passport:\C:\ documents and settings\ others\Various tutorials\computer\software
My Passport:\C:\ documents and settings\ others\Various tutorials\computer\windows.English Lessons
My Passport:\C:\ documents and settings\ others\Various tutorials\English Lessons

Second:My Passport:\C:\ documents and settings\ others\Copies of Software\programs with dealing with pictures.

Third:  My passport\C\ Documents and settings\Movie\Films\ children movies.

In addition , when I clicked the “destination” button during the Retrieve process I have noticed    that the default  path of Retrived data----->“C:\Documents and settings\ Mohammad-HP-My documents\Retrieved content” .

Does  the ‘Documents and settings’  consider a category in order to be  in this path 'C:\Documents and settings\ Mohammad-HP-My documents\Retrieved content" or it just a part of the path of retrieved content?  Because I noticed in the explanation to  retrieve tab"C\documents and settings(User name - My documents\ retrieved content"

If so “documents and settings” a a part of path, then why I sometime notice that: By default, the WD SmartWare software creates and uses a Retrieved Content sub folder in your My Documents folder. To specify a different folder:

Thanks a lot,

The categories reflect the file types or extension that will be backed up

regardless of their location it will look for the files

so for example if a document is located on the desktop and another one is located on the documents folder it will be backed up

you can see the list of extensions supported

you can also backup specific files and folders

check the links bellow

Supported Files

Backup Specific Files

Thank you so much, I won’t have to be scaring from some my data won’t be backed up, will I?

Finally: I want to know if I have organized my data with specific organization, such I have mention before, I will find my  same organization of data in the backup copy. Or maybe I will be finding them in other location(folders) in the backup copy.

I mean:

if I have a folder is called “lessons of English” on the desktop, inside that folder  a wide variety of files, such as Txt,  DOC,pdf,mpeg2, mpeg4,mpa, flv,wv, htm, html. ( I really I don’t remember all the extenuation available inside that folder, but this is for example), Can I find these files will be backed up in this folder in the backup copy.

if no, then I want a way to let Samrt software to backup my data as a folder with its content.

How can I do?

Not at all

the software will search for the files on the C drive meaning the data will show in something like this

Smartware.stor ( backup folder ) Name of computer > C > Users > admin ( or user name ) documents and settings > 

and then the folders you have

If you want an exact copy so when you go the drive you see the same folder you will need to backup the files manually

this is the way most backup software work