Organising content

I was just wondering if it is possible to organise my content to my needs. Now when I want to see a certain movie or series I scroll to the desired movie or episode and play that one. I would really like it if it was possible to make several “folders” like Movies, Series, Kids, etc. This would also be better for the kids so they don’t play a movie that is not suitable for them.

Its a hard drive, so why don’t you ?

Not from the Hub interface of course, but a connected computer on the network will let you create folders to your hearts content.

You can do that on the hub as well. You then use the file menu to select and play.

Most of us do something like this for folders:









 Do not make sub-folders for each movie, it just isn’t needed and slows you down when you want to play a movie.


TV Series

   Comedy (Genre seems less used in TV)

     The Big Bang Theory

        Season 1 (TBBT) < You need what’s in the parens IF you decide to use a LINKSHEET theme as it will need unique folder names

        Season 2 (TBBT)

 Same here as in movies, no need for a folder for each episode.


There are as many different ways to name your video files as there are brands of cars.

I name them like this:

A movie file: Batman Begins (2005).avi

A TV Series file: The Big Bang Theory S01E01 (Pilot).avi

                           The Big Bang Theory S01E02 (The Big Bran Hypothesis).avi

Some insist on using dots instead of spaces: The.Big.Bang.Theory.S01E01.(Pilot).avi

Some don’t add the Episode name in parens or at all.

Some put a dot between S01.E01

Using this naming convention, when using a program to get (scrape) the info, will assure your having less problems getting the info for the movies and TV shows from and/or These are the two most commonly used sites to obtain the info.