Ordered new drive from WD Store and it came without a box

Hey everyone,

I ordered a new WD Black drive from the WD online store and it arrived a week later loose inside a shipping box. Support is telling me they have no clue how this happened as they don’t ship drives this way but that it is from them. Has anyone else had this happen ? It had no protection or padding or anything inside this box and the only option I am being offered is to return it… no replacement, nothing. I am very disappointed in this as I have used WD drives for many years. I figured ordering direct would have been fantastic but I guess not? Should I send the drive back or roll the dice on it ? thoughts?

I only buy my drives from WD (3 NAS stations and 5 PCs here) and every one I have received was packaged properly. I would send it back and if they won’t send out another then I would just take the credit for it and either order it again or buy one from Bestbuy or a retailer.

I refuse to buy anything else as I’ve never had an issue with any of their drives. I even still have a couple old IDE drive that work…imagine that.

Yea I do as well that’s what is so disappointing about this. The drive is also no longer on sale so returning it and buying a new one will put me out the extra money and weeks of time. Thanks for responding though. I am glad to hear that you get yours from WD and they are packaged correctly. It does makes this situation strange that they won’t stand behind it and correct it though.

kinda like this

I know this thread is old. But…for anyone else looking at it.

I messaged WD before I purchased some drives (as there was no clear indication whether they sell OEM or Retail drives). They messaged me back and confirmed that every drive they sell comes in full retail boxed packaging. I did select my location as UK, so maybe this isnt the case in other locations. (I subsequently purchased from elsewhere though).

Blimey, that image above is shocking - I’d be returning that just based on the packaging, let alone it didnt come in a retail box. One would expect a certain level of standard by buying direct from WD, that looks like you’ve bought it off ebay!

Mine came in a plastic foil bag with the plastic spacer inserts on both sides inside a plain brown shipping box.
When I connect it, once the computer powers up it beeps twice. Once it hits the Windows loading logo, it beeps incessantly, and Windows will not progress further. It’s set to be a secondary drive so I could clone my primary drives over to it. Reading some of the others here, it sounds like a return is in my future too.