Options when my HDD is damaged

SO i sent in my 12 TB My Book for repairs, followed EVERY SINGLE direction for shipping and now over a week later after i called i am being told it is damaged to the point of not being able to be covered under warranty. The external case os DESTROYED, what recourse do i have other than being out 600 bucks, plus all of the data on the drive?

Hi greeley87,

I checked that your support request has already been escalated. Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The simple option for damaged HDD is so created backup of the data on the online platform like google drive and in the offline mode also like pen drive or in a Compact disk but the main problem arrives when a huge amount of data transfer from one device to another device then there could be a threat problem arrives then these problems can be solved from the side of Kaspersky Customer Service and also provide the after sales services to their users which provide privileged as the extra tools and the package to their users who are always want to seek the technical assitance from the side.