Options now support has ended

Now the support has ended for my, my cloud home single drive 3tb model, what are any available workarounds with the device to be able to access it remotely via the internet.
My sole purpose for buying the device back in 2014 was to be able to access the massive library of films I have stored on it whilst working away from home or away in our caravan, for this purpose it has worked almost faultlessly for 8 years.
Someone must know a way to workaround this issue even if it’s running a new type of software on the damned thing.
If so can anyone explain how to do it.
Yes I know it still works locally but I’m looking for a remote access workaround.?
Here’s hoping!!!

Note that the My Cloud Home is a completely different device and is not affected by the end of OS3 support. If one has a My Cloud device that cannot be updated to OS5 then one has a few options on how to regain some form of remote access to their device.

One can enable FTP Access on the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings > Network > Network Services page. FTP is not a secure method of remote access. One may have to enable port forwarding of the FTP port (usually port 21) within their network router. Search the internet for directions on how to enable port forwarding within your router’s administration settings.

How To Configure FTP Server Access on a My Cloud

Or as has been repeatedly indicated in other past discussions about the ending of OS3 support; one can setup a VPN server on their local network to regain secure remote access. Note that what ever VPN client one uses they likely won’t have the same features/options that the OS3 My Cloud app provided. There are various DIY guides one can find on the internet for setting up a VPN server/VPN client for access to one’s local network. Generally setting up a VPN server will require extra knowledge and skill so one may have some internet searching and learning ahead of them. Certain consumer routers may include a VPN server that one can enable through that router’s administration page(s). Or one can use SoC devices like a Raspberry Pi, or a spare unused computer as the VPN server.


Another option is to buy another NAS unit, one that has secure remote access support and which has remote access apps. One can buy a OS5 supported My Cloud or they can buy a NAS from another manufacturer.

Edit to add: One could attempt to run alternate firmware on their My Cloud but this isn’t officially supported and usually requires extra work and knowledge to get working. Using other firmware may provide additional remote access options like SFTP.

Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other “firmwares”


WD My Cloud Home: Best Cloud Storage for Photos (2 TB - 8 TB) | Western Digital

I opened the link from cat0w: My word. . .the user reviews!!! OhMyWord!

Otherwise. . . .I echo what Bennor has said.

From my perspective. . . opening an OS/3 device to the internet is asking for trouble. . .and allowing FTP access is not something I would recommend.

I have used the VPN option quite successfully (however, you very much “rolling your own”; and do need some network knowledge to pull it off).

In the WD world. . . .the OS/5 option. . . I found to be quite limiting in terms of capability.

If I needed a “serious” third party solution for file sharing and whatnot. . .I would use a NAS from another vendor (or perhaps an online service)