Options menu list got bigger then smaller

I was used to the Options menu having 3 options, dvd Menu, audio, and subtitles.  When watching an .iso movie that I watch alot since it is my son’s favorite movie right now, I was surprised to see the Options menu list had gotten bigger to include Zoom in, Zoom out, Pan, Info Bar, etc.  I thought this was nice since sometimes the info bar gets stuck being displayed and the only way to turn it off is to stop playback and resume playback.  However, the next day I played the movie again and the Options menu had gotten smaller again to only include menu, audio, and subtitle.  Anyone know to get the expanded version of the options menu again?

hitting “enter” will play the iso as a dvd and only give you menu, subtitle and audio

Pressing “play” will give you the full menu options but you’ll lose the dvd functionality. i.e. it will only play the main video file (with no chapter skipping)

Although I don’t hit the play button to play an .iso movie, I did what you said.  I still do not get more Option Menu items only Menu, Audio, and Subtitle.  I tried powering off the WD Live Plus and starting over.  I tried using the play button first with no luck.  Then, I powered off again and tried the normal way with no luck.  Any other ideas?

I agree with the other poster…  You did some backflip SOMEWHERE to avoid DVD navigation, thus enabling the full menu.

Here’s another way.

Use the PREVIEW VIEW, and when the video starts, cursor over to preview window and select OK.   

You’ll now be in DVD-less navigation, and all your menu items will be there.

That did the trick.  Previously, I must have highlighted the preview window without knowing it.  BTW, I have to hit the “enter” button to play the movie to have the full option menu.  If I hit the “play” button", I get a limited option menu and have DVD navigation.

Is there a reason why this is.  Why can’t we have DVD navigation with a full option menu?

I also figured out that hitting the “enter” button when the movie is playing brings up the info bar and takes it away.

Being new to this forum, Thanks so much. 

You guys rock!