Options for Currently Playing Music

Why does the option button not show the info for the currently playing song?  Is there some other button combination

that will show options for the currently playing song?

 I have 1600 songs in multiple folders and while a song is being played using the random shuffle I just wanted to hit the option button and mark the song as a favorite or to change the number of stars.  Instead, it will bring up the info for whatever is highlighted in the All Tracks listing.


It is an issue, I don’t think is a bug, but is a nuisance.

You can start (if  somebody have not do it yet) and new Idea asking for this.

Thanks for the reply.  At least it appears that I have not missed something obvious.  I am surprised that more people have not raised this as feature request.  I found a thread in the “ideas” section about a better audio player interface and posted this concern there.