Optional Windows Update - What is it?

Windows Update on my Win 7 Laptops shows an Optional Update entitled:

Western Digital Corporation - Digital Media Server, Other hardware - My Book Live Network Storage
Download size: 96 KB
Western Digital Corporation Digital Media Server, Other hardware software update released in September, 2012

Published 30/11/2012

Can someone please tell me more about this before I install it.

Updates for the MBL are posted on WD’s web

this might be some drivers but not sure

I have same update available. What is it?

Had it also available. It failed to install. As everything is working like before and as expected, I don’t care. In general, for a NAS drive there is no need to install any specific driver, as it is a standalone device.



I asked the question of WD.

Here is the reply - hope it makes sense !

“It’s an update for the My Book Live drive and your Windows computer so that it can be compatible with other Windows Updates. As you may know, Drivers for our hard drives are written and provided by the Operating System manufacturer, which in this case would be Microsoft , no specific drivers are needed during installation of the hard drive.”

I did install the update and the only difference I have noted so far is that after booting up my laptop my mapped MBL

share often shows up as not mounted , but mounts immediately when I click on it !