Option to turn off NFS server

I have 2 WD NAS Lives.  A 1tb and a 2tb.  Also have network media server.  The network media server can map and handle NFS shares.  I’m getting duplicates due to the WD Live NFS server.  I see no way to turn it off.

Need option in setup for NFS Server On/Off please.

Well you have already suggested this on the ideas board

let’s hope other people want this feature as well

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With networked media players becoming more popular and needing NAS devices to feed those very same media players and NFS being in those media players the devices need to be able to turn off NFS as having more than one NFS server creates unnecessary complexity.

I want my media player to display the media files listing/wall on my TV and the WD Lives to act as simple NAS storage devices.  To do that I need NFS server to be off in the WD devices.

Can’t be that hard to do either.