Option not to retrieve deleted files when selecting Retrieve all files in WD Smartware

I would like to see WD Smartware give users the choice whether or not to retrieve deleted files when selecting the Retrieve all files option. At the moment I believe they are retrieved by default when selecting this option. I feel that this would be a simple update as files in your backup plan that you delete are backed up by the software anyway. Then in the event of data loss, users could retrieve all their data in their backup plan to the state it was in at the time of the last backup and not have to work out which ones they had previously deleted!

I am not sure whether anyone has suggested this before. If not, then I would be interested to know if anyone else feels that this would be a good addition to the software. If I have got my facts wrong please let me know. If not, then I would hope that WD would look on this idea favourably and include this as soon as possible in a future update to the software.

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I have got the same problem. It would also be helpful to cross out the deleted folders not only the files inside. 

Does the lack of a substantive response mean that in fact there is no way to avoid restoring deleted files, other than to individually deselect them (not feasible in my system, with at least 90,000 user files and lots of pruning/reorganization activity)?