Option menu

When I play a DVD iso on my older WDTV and  go into option, there is a small bar at the top of the screen that enables me to change audio, subtitle or go to the DVD menu. With both subtitle and audio, it will have what current language it is and how many options there are.

With the WDTV Live streaming, the options menu takes up most of the screen and the movie stops. Audio and subtitles will only display the current language and I cant work out how to scroll to the other options. Am I doing something wrong or is this the intended behaviour

On the new remote there are buttons for subs and audio.  I don’t think these freeze the film, and I’m pretty sure they display number of options.

Could be wrong, I’m working from memory, and it’s not something I’ve pressed more than once or twice.

Steve W

Just  checked on my DVD iso. If I press either the audio or subtitle button, the language will change, however there is no indication on the screen that it has occurred other than the reading the subtitle or listening to the audio. this can be problematic if there are many languages.

On the other hand, if you go through the option menu and pick audio or subtitle it will say what language it is and you can then cycle onscreen through the options. However all this time the movie is obscured by the menu.

Is it possible to just press the remote button and still cycle onscreen through the different languages?