OPTION button doesn't work

When the video is on the option button can be used to turn on/off the subtitles, but in my Elements Play it doesnt"t work.

When I press it I can only delete the file, nothing else. Is it a physical or a software malfunction?

User malfunction… ;). You actually have to be PLAYING the file.

Yes, I know, thats kind of obvious, but when I’m playing the file the OPTION function doesnt work!

I have no idea what you’re doing differently than me, then…

When I play media like MKVs, the only options I get in the OPTIONS menu are


When BROWSING video, the Option button does NOTHING.

When BROWSING FILES, the Option button gives two options:   COPY / DELETE

So, I can’t help you, because on my system, it’s working correctly.

Maybe you can capture a short video and put it on YouTube or something that shows EXACTLY what you’re doing.

Thats the point, Im doing it correctly, but my Elements Play is not working properly. There is nothing else to be said, I’ll have to replace it.


Alrighty…  Let me know how it works out for you…

I just replaced the player, the problem persists! Dont know what to do next…

As I suggested, please see if you can grab a video using a camera phone or something and post it to YouTube so we can see exactly what you’re seeing.

You’ve eliminated hardware as the issue.

The fact that no one else has seen the issue (or at least reported it) tends to indicate it’s not a firmware issue.

That only leaves to possibilities:   The Media is somehow triggering an incorrect behavior, or there’s a procedural error here.