Optimizing for Video Streaming

Looking for help to guide me in optimizing my My Net N900 for video streaming.  I specifically got it to try to solve some of my in house network performance issues and ability to stream.  Unfortunately there are a ton of variables in trying to solve this.  A bit about my setup.

  • My Net N900 router

  • My Book Live for storing content

  • Panasonic DMP-BD87 Blu Ray for my DLNA renderer

  • Connected to a Denon AVR2312CI through HDMI

Panasonic supports wireless but instead, beside the panasonic I have an Engenius Tech ERB9250 bridge with a wired connection to the BD87. (so REB9250 connects to N900, bridges through a hub to panasonic).

I’m trying to mess with QoS but not sure what I’m doing (manual doesn’t say much).

When trying to stream videos it seems like the stream is dropping or the HDMI is loosing connection.  It cuts in and out ever half or quarter second.

I’d appreciate any advice but some of my quesetions in terms of optimization

  • Should I use the N900 as a DLNA server OR

  • Should I use the My Book Live as a DLNA server

  • Or is it best to just use the Blu Ray to browse the network share on the My Book Live

Thanks in advance,


in my setup I prefer the MBL as the DLNA server and use the Central for storage

Any suggestions on cause for the studdering/choppy playback?  My best hunch is that it’s wireless signal strength which is unfortunate - I was hoping my new router would solve all that.  I thought maybe it was an HDMI issue with the denon but I tried changing the connection to RCA cables, same issue.

So I was thinking about etting the Powerline adapter to get A/C wired connection.  Does anyone use these in their internal network?  Are the reliable for video streaming?  Concerned about investing even more $ and still not resolving the problem (I’m already a new router, and two bridges in with no luck)


So it turns out part of the problem was the Blue-Ray player… I read several posts of Panasonic blue-ray players playing choppy video on DLNA streaming. I returned it and for the same price picked up a WD TV Live (I already have a Live Hub and love it and really don’t care about playing blue-rays). 

Things have worked much better.  I have had some networking issues which will cause it to stop working, unrelated to My Net router.  I have two EngeniusTech bridge/repeaters.  I have one half way between the router and the bedroom set as a repeater.  The second in the bedroom as a bridge where my TV LIVE is connected.  As long as my bridge stays connected to the repeater (strong signal) then all works fine but for some reason the bridge sometimes connects directly to the router.  I’m trying to find out how to stop that, but that is for another message board.

If all else fails, I’ll pick up the WD PowerLine to solve for my streaming across the house. Does anyone use those?

Are you sure the router and the repeater aren’t using the same name (SID)?  That will confuse the Bridge.

Best of luck.

They are both no the SSID but that’s the problem.  If I change the repeater to have a different SSID I can no longer connect.  It almost seems like a bug with repeater.  I’ve asked engeniustech for help on this but so far that haven’t been much help and their community is a ghost town.

Unfortunately I can’t get consistent streaming.  It seems like it works great for a while then throughput drops for a while and I keep getting the wait symbol.  I’m certain the bridge is losing it’s connectio to the repeater when this is happenening and no idea why. I prevented it from hopping between 20 and 40 hz(?) but it didn’t seem to correct it.  They also only support the 2.4 ghz band and the 5 ghz signal is very weak from the WD.

Seems like this should work but maybe the powerline option is more reliable.