Optical cable connection... HELP please!

Somehow or other I have managed to jam the optical cable connector in the socket . . . . in the murk behind the TV one evening I must have inserted the connector without properly lifting the sprung cover???

Now, not surprisingly, I cannot remove the cable… ‘scared’ to pull too hard in case I wreck it (the WD)… am considering gently dissecting the cable bit by bit with a scalpel or similar… any advice greatly appreciated?  :angry:

You inserted it wrong. The optical connector does NOT need to be lifted. It needs to be pushed inside by the cable when inserted.

Try jiggling it softly from side to side and pulling at the same time from the connector to try and get it free. I wouldn’t “disect” it if I were you, that cable is very gentle and expensive.

Thank you for your reply, just before I try again… is it possible that I might have pushed it in upside down, I know i’ts shaped to stop this happening?

I didn’t really ‘think’ I had to lift the cover, just couldn’t imagine how it could have happened… ! :dizzy_face:

Update - not been able to extract the cable, am fearful of damaging the WD . . . would rather destroy the cable…!

If I could get at and give some support to the slightly flexible socket perhaps I could better withdraw the cable!

I can only guess that I DID, in the half-light, manage to push it in upside down, is this possible without undue force?

It would be very tough indeed to insert the cable incorrectly – it is designed to only go one way.

If I had to guess (and it’s ONLY a guess so take it for what it’s worth) I think you just haven’t used enough force to extract it.  If it were me (and once again, without physically being there I can’t say for sure) I’d use some quality needle nose pliers (with ridges on the jaws), grasp the connector (NOT the cable) near the opening, and firmly pull backwards.

If you can take a picture and post it somewhere (with a link here) of the closeup of your connection we could probably make a better judgement.

Thank you, will take a macro shot and post after the weekend …

You could also try to lever it out, using care. Use a piece of cloth or strip of rubber to protect the case of the WDTV and gently try to get a thin-bladed screwdriver between the plug and the socket. By rotating the blade and at the same time pulling on the plug (not the lead) you should hopefully be able to move the plug. This method puts an equal force on the plug and the socket so it should not damage the internal socket connection. You may have some marks on the socket housing but if you are careful then the socket should not be badly damaged.

I cannot see how you would be able to remove the plug if if you dissected the whole lead. I also cannot see how you managed to insert the plug upside down without using some force. I would go along with Mikes view that you are simply not using enough force to remove due to worries about damaging the unit.

Later: you may want to wait until we all see the photo.

Thank you for the advice, am away from home over the weekend…will come back here when I get back.

Meanwhile, I suspect the sheer bulk of the cable end might make it difficult to see anything useful on a photo… but I will try!

I think, as richUK says, if I can equalize any force betwenn the cable end and the socket housing I have the best chance…

… btw if I have to carve away (destroy) the bulk of the cable end just to get extra purchase so be it!  :angry:

Can somebody here please kindly let me know the orientation of the optical socket ie… is the double chamfered access feature of the cable ‘spigot’ required to be at the (vertical) top or the bottom of the WD on insertion?

My cable is inserted ‘chamfers to the bottom’ and remains firmly ‘embedded’ and immovable - I need to know before I attempt to ‘savage’ the cable in order to get a better look-see prior to withdrawal !  

The mass of the cable (grip area) almost completely obscures the socket moulding…!  :angry:

Looking at the product photo, here:    http://www.wdc.com/en/products/Products.asp?DriveID=735

It looks like the chamfered corners are on the bottom.

Thanks, but, unfortunately, that shows the protective ‘flap’ cover - I cannot recall if it is supposed to mimic the correct cable orientation but that is certainly how it is inserted currently, perhaps the cover has somehow become mis-placed?

I have connected and dis-connected this cable a number of times prior to this without any problems as I sometimes take the player to my girlfriend’s house, but don’t now recall the ‘normal’ alignment…

…it would be great if an engineer from Western Digital would respond to this thread?

The chamfered corners are at the bottom and the cover hinges at the top. I don’t see how a engineer from WD could help you. Have you attempted to lever the plug out as I suggested.

Am concerned about the strength of socket area… see pic here

The problem now is only your ‘fear’ of damaging your unit. You have to look at this rationally. You have tried pulling it out and you have considered cutting it out, now you have to gently attempt to lever it out. The moulding is quite thick and you should be able to tell if its going to break by feel or if it starts to bend. Get the thin bladed screwdriver under one side and rotate gently then try the other side. At the same time if possible pull on the plug. Hopefully this will release the jam and you should be able to pull it out. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain and its at least worth a shot. Even if you could manage to cut it down I don’t see how you will get the plug out of the socket and by then you would have lost out on any other option.

Thanks richUK - job done!


Had tried every which-way to withdraw this bleedin cable from its socket, waggling while levering, see-saw fashion either at both sides or one side, pulling, levering - while slightly rotating! You name it, I tried it…!

I was not quite so concerned about the strength of the main box moulding but more the socket and sprung flap unit itself which felt like it might fail at any moment!

Having cut away most of the bulky ‘finger purchase’ area of the cable I managed to get some side cutters close-up alongside the flap - lo and behold as I squeezed into the hard plastic to the side and very close to the flap, out it came?

This ‘old’ cable had never ever felt as though it had ‘clicked’ in positively and looking at the small detents I can only assume it might’ve gone past a point of ‘no normal return’ in some way?

Anyway, not a mark on the WD, I have ordered a new 1m cable on Amazon, £3.95 incl with free delivery; but think it time to consider replacing my (by now quite elderly) Yamaha amp with a newer HDMI model… :dizzy_face: