Opt-In Message Loop

I have had my WD TV Live Media Hub for less than a week and have been overall pleased with it. I applied the latest firmware Jan 26/27 (not sure what the number was, sorry) and everything was functioning and playing flawlessly. Then, last night, I switched to the Hub (I leave it powered on at all times rather than turning it off after each use), pressed the Home button and received a prompt for the Usage Statistics Opt-in. I had declined when I first set up the Hub, and assumed that this was just persistance to force people to give up their stats. I declined again, and was immediately prompted again. This went on for as long as my patience allowed, and I even tried answering yes and accepting the terms, but it just kept asking. I also noticed that the time display seemed way off (showing 03:00 when the actual time was really about 9pm). I tried cycling power, but that did not help. I was unable to attempt any further troubleshooting, and powered down the device. I did not see anything in the existing issues that indicated a similar issue. Has anyone heard of anything like this?

firmware: unsure, latest as of Jan 27, 2013

what happened/what you were doing: see above

hardware: WD TV Live Media Hub, gigabit ethernet connection to router, internal storage

everytime: apparently

previous firmware: unknown, new device; device worked flawlessly for almost a week

power cycling: didn’t help

reseting to defaults: can’t switch to settings tab to try this

other devices: does not apply

When you say power cycling, do you mean a restart or hold down power button on remote for greater than 5 secs and this will totally power it down, then press power on. Give that a try.

Thanks for the reply, I will give that a shot.

One possible complication: I am using a universal RF remote and I just hit ‘power off’, saw that no signal was coming from the Hub, and then powered it back on (saw the startup splash screen, etc, and it went right back to prompting for the opt-in). Will the full power down you describe work if I hold down the power button on the device for 5 seconds or does it have to be done via the remote?

Probably not, use the original remote if you can.

Failing that, pull the power cable out of the back, or switch it off at the wall. :slight_smile:

Tried it with the RF Remote/IR Blaster and it worked,  thanks for the tip.

Functionality seems back to normal now.