Operation still pending - notification is being shown while trying to open the drive

Device is being detected but I cannot access the data stored in it. While trying to open the date of the device, I am getting the message: “An operation is pending”. What should be done? Has the device crashed? If yes, how do I recover my data?

Hi Soheli,

We have sent you a message. Please check your Community Message Inbox.

The problem is still there. How can I replace the device? Can you send me a proper service center in bhubaneswar or Kolkata? I tried today to find the service center in bhubaneswar address given by Google. But couldn’t find it. It will be helpful if you provide me the valid address and phone number.

Thank you

Hi Soheli,

It would be best to contact India’s WD Support at below contact details about this and they will help you to replace your drive under warranty.