Operating system does not load

good afternoon Consider buying a wd live streaming media player (wdbgxt0000nbk), everything worked perfectly with the 02/02/32 firmware, but watching a movie one night the lights went out and since then, everything has gone from bad to worse the device turns on, reads usb, you can use the command but does not send any images to TV or HDMI or AV OUT, I gave him several times a reset button and gives no signal, in fact, neither the “logo” appears, having no idea what else to do, I am writing to you to see if we are lucky. Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, it would appear the device has malfunctioned and should be replaced under warranty. RMA instructions are available in the following link:


thank you very much for responding, I have another question, is there a software or firmware to reset all the machine like the factory?
WD works with an operating system? and if so it is possible to download and install? (eg from a pendrive)

The current firmware can be downloaded from the following link:


However, it requires for the device to be operational beforehand. The device OS is not available as a separate download at this time.