Opening My Passport Essential SE on a new laptop

I am trying to open My Passport Essentials SE on a new computer and it won’t open my disk.  I tried to download the driver for Passport Essentials SE, the WD Unlocker comes on, I type in my passport, I can feel it ‘working’ on my external harddrive…but then I can a message that asks me if I want the ‘reformat’ the disk…I KNOW I don’t want to do that…as all of my thesis data is on it!!  I remember when I first got it and had to install it on a new computer there was SOMETHING I had to do, but can’t remember??  Need some help!


If you got the message asking you to format your drive it means you are dealing with a corrupt file and this one is affecting the drive file system.

Online you can find several data recovery options to retrieve your data before reformatting your unit.