Opening and viewing PDF

Hi. Does anyone know how to change the standard program to open PDF’s in My Cloud?

I now have to export to Adobe each time I open a PDF because you cannot scroll and zoom in WD standard pdf reader

Hi @Casey_TM,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:


Yes I did same day.

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This is definitely a problem that needs to be solved in the very near future. Scrolling and zooming on PDFs is a must have feature.

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Please support all users by opening a Support Case also. The more, the better and hopefully the sooner this shortcoming/failure will be solved! Thank you.

I have the same problem opened a ticket. Well, this is such a simple feature that this is lacking…

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Hi there,
Good to read that you reported this problem also!
People of support are still busy with this problem. I am in contact with support.

Today i received the following message after several emails back and forth : ”I am escalating your case to the concerned team with all these information. You will receive an e-mail from us up to 5 business days.”

Kind regards, Kees

Dear users,

My zooming problem with my device has been solved today by WD!!
Update to last firmware: 8.13.0.-131 and updated Android app to

Additional info from WD:
“I kindly like to inform you that i have tested this behavior you have mentioned to check if there is any unexpected outcome; zooming in-out to PDF files work normal in Android 13 operating system (non-rooted) with “My Cloud Home” device running firmware 8.13.0.-131 (just like your device) and with “My Cloud Home Mobile App” version 4.21.0. Both “double-tap” and “pinch to zoom” - “unpinch to zoom out” is working, mobile app does not freeze after 2 minutes when the pdf file is open on the screen.”

Thanks WD