Open up source if F/W updates are done!

This has probably been suggested before, and likely won’t happen.  But if WD isn’t updating the old TV Live anymore (and it’s full of bugs as everyone knows), then release the source, at least as much as can be.  

It’s just shocking to me that nobody at WD with any authority is responding to this concern.  Nothing like ignoring customers. 

Due to a slew of tons of licencing agreements, even if WD chose to release the source they could not in a legal sense…

The absolute best we could actually hope for is release of technical details of the hardware so that if someone or a group was up to the challenge they could write new firmware from the ground up, but honestly don’t hold your breath…  To be blunt with the slew of low cost competitors products on the market now, I doubt there would be anyone really that committed…

WD’s new “product”, the WD TV Media Player uses exactly the same hardware (has same FFC number) and until the December release, it looks like it used the same firmware too (less the Netflix app running) !

WD aren’t going to release the source code for their existing product that they are selling to the outside world now are they!? That would be commercially suicidal Even they are not that dumb… discuss.

I recall somebody posted who had had problems with their Live Streaming and was advised by some WD advisor Muppet to buy WDs latest media player, so the WD TV! i.e. buy the same hardware all over again just to get the different, and fixed, firmware. Now, this is also stupid.

ps: I suspect the two are differentiated on the production line by the same mechanism they put product and serial numbers into the boxes along with downloading the firmware to them. That is what is stopping us getting the fixed WD TV firmware onto our WD Live Streaming box. I know some were trying to, I have not heard anything back from their experiments. The mechanism WD do it may well be secure and use private protocols to do this. Or not. You never know.