Open ports to function?

I have a My Book Live and had set up the WD 2go app successfully. Yesterday I changed routers (Belkin N750) and I can no longer connect to the drive through the app or the web portal. I can still access the drive from my PC so it seems that the router is blocking external access to the drive. Are there specific ports that need to be open for the Ap to function?

EDIT 09/04/2011 - I tried deleting and unisntalling the app. When I enter the activation code I can see the name of the drive, but still get a Drive Not Connected error when trying to access it.

There extensive FAQs on the support site to help you. Try looking through these. Also make sure uPnP is enabled on the router.

I looked through the FAQs and didn’t see anything that seems to apply.  I have confirmed that uPnP is active on the router.  When I enter the access code the app shows the name of the device, but get the error when I try to go into it.  

I also had the Photo app installed on my iPhone and I can’t access files through that either, but oddly enough I can upload pictures from the phone to the drive.

In another suprising development I learned that both apps seem to work just fine outside of my LAN.  Is there a different process used to access the drives inside the LAN than over the internet?