Open Port?

New SMP owner here. Looking for info on streaming directly to it. Is there an open port (or a way of opening one) that will always receive streams pushed to the SMP so that they (said streams) may be decoded and played? Using a variety of tools (vlc, netcat, etc.), I’d like to be able to wirelessly send (encoded) streams to the SMP, and not always be bound by just the features in the SMP’s UI. Also, helpful in the the UI would be a simple URI input box; hit ‘return’ and the input is opened and streamed. Simple. Easy. But have not found – or am I just missing it? Thanks for any help

What you mean and need is called UPnP. Search for UPnP renderer,  UPnP media server and UPnP controller in google. Also you can access the port 10184 (http://wdtvlive:10184) and you will see some information from the SMP. Windows Media Player is able to do that (Play on…). But here you have to enable the mediastreaming (on windows). Foobar2000 can also stream music to the SMP (with Plugin foo_upnp). No TV needed in this case.

Look at for more compatible software and hardware.

@Hinkel, thanks for that info. Tried a UPnP server, but that still only allows me to browse existing content, not control the input stream from other LAN-connected clients.

Before installing the SMP, I could select and queue any number of media files (local or Internet) without downloading, then stream/play each in sequence without any further input. Total time for setup was no more than half-a-minute. But the only way I find to do this with the SMP is to:

  • Download each file to a temporary directory – can take several minutes
  • Address SMP, either by remote or by web gui, select files to play
  • Remember to go back and delete media files when done

If there’s no easier way, this SMP is headed back to Amazon!

All a firmware update would have to provide is either:

  • A simple web browser (even just text-based) in which media selections could be made, or
  • An open port that would receive and play all media streams sent to it.

Of course, any suggestions are welcome.