Open Home (OH / OH Media) support and (shared) playlist support

Hello people,

this question is actually for any wd tv devices (current or possibly future), although I own a wd tv live plus myself.

WD TV devices are really good at receiving media streams via upnp / dlna.

The thing is, playlists are turrly hard to manage and because of upnp limitations cant be shared among multiple control points, for example streaming a bunch of music from my pc or my smartphone to wdtv has no problem.

But e.g. if I started the stream from my pc, the cell phone will show only the current media (current song only) that is being played and not the rest of the playlist. So, if I want to reorder the playlist I will have to go the pc and change it there. The same would happen viceversa (smartphone streams and want to see what is being played from pc or tablet or etc)

I saw that Open Home / OH Media solves these issues by streaming not only the media itself but also the the playlist to the media renderer / streamer (like wdtv). And so all control points (tablets/ pc software like foobar2k, iphone, etc) show the same playlist.

Bubbleupnpserver is a software that sort of emulates Open Home renderers by running a service on pc and you have to stream the content to that service, instead of directly to the wdtv. 

So I wonder if there’s a chance of adding support for Open Home / OH Media or at least shared playlists in future firmware releases of any of the wdtv devices or a new wdtv device.

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This type of features are not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share their advice.

You can post your suggestions on the Live Streaming ideas forurm, this will be taken into consideration for future Live Streaming firmware updates or future media players by WD.