Open case

Does anyone know how to open the case?  My ethernet is dead and I’d like to get the files off my perfectly usable HD.



Western Digital and wonderful with their cases.  They clip shut easily but there is no provision to open the case without deforming or cracking plastic.

This might help. Think it is against the rules to post a link external link to a web site so go to Google and put in the search  term, with quotes:  “HowTo open case of my book live” "SmallNetBuilder Forums"

If you use search for “HowTo open case of my book live” then you’ll get various other suggested sites.

Just remember that opening the enclosure will void the warranty of the drive.

This situation is a really bad issue of being between a rock and a hard place.

Send the drive back for repair/swap to WD and you lose all the data.  Keep the drive but don’t open it because of the warranty, you have the data but are prevented getting to one’s data by red tape.

At least now there is the option of making a back-up of the NAS but it requires the another NAS or computer with the correct lump of free storage.

I guess that if the locked-up data is more valuable than the warranty then there is not much of a choice.  :cry: