Open and close file from My Cloud

I have an excel workbook that I use at home and from a computer at work. I would like to keep one file on my cloud, and open it from home or work, from within excel, without ever having to download it or upload it.

I am afraid if I download a copy at work for example, and changes are made, that I may forget to upload it. Then when I get home, I make different changes, and now I have two different files with the same name with different data.

Is it possible to open, edit, and close a file from my cloud without having to download and upload? If it is possible, how is it done?

Thanks for any advice

Have you tried it?

I only use my NAS on my LAN, things may be different for remote access but if I open an XLSX directly from my NAS, make changes and then close it I’m ‘asked’ if I want to save the changes. Having said yes to that, the changed file is saved on the NAS.

Perhaps, working form ‘the cloud’ works in a completely different way??