Oops! google chrome could not connect to


I bought a month ago the my cloud 2 tera hard drive.

it worked fine for 2 weeks and it was sychronized with my smart tv and everthing was ok.

suddenly i cant access my dashboard and it doesnt show anymore with my tv.

I did a reset but it didnt help and i tried also to turn it off and also didnt work.

i can access it from my network but i am not able also to connect with my smartphone because t i cant use the dashboard to register my phone.

any ideas??

Thank you


Do you have the My Cloud set with a Static IP or DHCP?

If you didn’t set a static IP on the My Cloud, have you checked to see if the IP address has changed?

If it shows up on you “Network”, does it show up as a “Storage” device?  If it does, right click on the My Cloud, select “Properties”, then click on the IP address next to “Device webpage”.

sorry but how  can i know how i am connected?  static? or DHPC?

ysgula wrote:

sorry but how  can i know how i am connected?  static? or DHPC? 

If you didn’t manually set it in your My Cloud, then you’re using DHCP.