Only some of my files show up in the directory

I have wd2go on an Android device (Pantech Breakout, Android version 2.3.3, wd2go version 2.0.)

When I try to access my documents, only some of them show up in the directory list.  It looks like the file listing has skipped over some of the documents since other files on the list are alphabetically past the missing files.

What is happening here?  How do I get wd2go to retrieve all of the documents in the folder?  There are no documents of any “odd” file types on the drive.  It’s all Office documents and .pdf files.  I was able to get them all on the older version of the wd2go app.

I appreciate any help on this.

Try rebuilding the WD 2Go server on the Web UI

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Sorry, I don’t understand this answer and I have the same problem.