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I’ve had my drive for 2 years and no problems until this week. I normally try and access my drive through Finder. I connect as admin and am able to see every folder on the drive. However, recently no matter who I connect as I can only see the Public Folder. If I login via Cloud Drive I have access to all of them, but it’s a pain to transfer files that way. I’ve restarted everything like 4 times and still nothing at all. Any advice?

Most likely the SMB (samba) server on the MBLD is not functioning properly.  It needs to be reset. So try rebooting the MBLD.  That will reset the SMB server.

Also check in Dashboard that all the folders are still there and that the permissions are not changed.  If your share folders are private, then perhaps the user/password for as saved on your PC is not working.  You should try using another computer to see if the problem is similar on another PC.

I’ve rebooted it several times. I’ve ran a full diagnostics on it and it passed. Its the same login I use for cloud and Finder. It doesn’t even show folders that are not private. It only shows the “public” folder nothing else.

Oh, you use a Mac. 

Did you try to access the MBLD with a Windows PC?  I bet it works fine.  I bet the problem is your Mac. 

You need to isolate the problem by process of elimination.  Until you do that, no one can help you.  Based on your posts, there are a number of things which could be the problem: Mac, router, MBLD NFS server, etc. 

It’s a Mac formatted mbld. I don’t have a pc at all.

Hi, there.

Have you tried to click on the “connect as” that would show on your finder window?

tjas9837 wrote:
It’s a Mac formatted mbld. I don’t have a pc at all.

No the MBLD is not Mac formatted. It is Linux ext3 and ext4 formatted.  

You need to isolate the problem. Otherwise you will get no meaningful help.  You will just be considered a troll.

Yes I have.

How do I isolate the problem? I only have 1 laptop

tjas9837 wrote:
How do I isolate the problem? I only have 1 laptop

Obviously, borrow someone else’s. Or have a friend bring their’s to your place.