Only see files or folders A thru G when I login to MyCloud?

I just purchased a MyCloud Ultra2. it’s been a journey from hell to say the least. First the server responded problematically without any feedback notification other than random login failures, so I spend 2 days trying everything under the sun, until I finally contacted product support. They advised server was down. Anyhow since then, I got most things working, however now, I only see files or folders A thru G when I login to MyCloud using Windows10 ? If I try to upload a missing files, it says files already exist, but I don’t see them anywhere? I tried the basics, server reboot, my computer reboot, but same problem re-occurs every time, so that tells me possibly a bug exists in MyCloud code. Irony is it appears to work when I use my tablet with the applicable MyCloud app software. Does anyone know how to get around this problem for Win10 desktop, which is currently up to date from Microsoft. I am new to this group, don’t want to appear pessimistic, however not impressed with the ease of connection, and 25 minutes wait time for tech support.