Only random display of files


I just bought a WD Player but have some trouble.

I have a Buffalo Linkstation and via my Belkin N1 Router it is connected to my home network.

In the WD Player if I select ‘Media Servers’ and then the ‘Linkstation’ it displays under ‘Folders’ some but not all files and folders. Strange is that it even just displays some avi files in one folder.

Any proposals what to do?

Windows 7

WD Player; Firmware 1.04.31_V
Belkin N1 Wireless Router; FirmwareF5D8241-4_WW_2.01.27
Buffalo Linkstation Firmware; LS-WHGL/R1 F/W 3.05

You’ll need to consult the documentation for your Linkstation.   It’s the one determining what files to show the WD.

funny, that’s basically what the Linkstation guys wrote. Check with WD…

Yeah, that’s helpful…  ;)

When the WD is using a “MEDIA SERVER,”  it asks the media server for a list of files.   The media server is COMPLETELY responsible for the files listed, not the WD.

The WD can only display the files that the Media Server told it to display…

Can you set the linkstation to do Samba “Network Shares?”

TonyPh12345 wrote:


Can you set the linkstation to do Samba “Network Shares?”

not really sure what you mean by that…

I have a buffalo router with attached USB storage and a TV Live Plus.  All of my files were showing up fine until I retured from a 10 day long vacation and upgraded my firmware, now only some of the files appear. I can see all of the files on the WD box when I go to file handeling but not under the player. Can also see and play all of them fine from PCs on the network. 

Downgraded the firmware to 1.04.22_B and all is well again. Here is a tutorial on how.

Firmware Downgrade