Only plays some of my photos

I have a Synology DS411+ on my network as a media server. Video and audio play fine. Photos however don’t play. I can see some of them but only a small fraction. They are all JPEG (.JPG) The biggest of them are 10Mp so maybe 4 MB. Is anyone having problems with showing photos? One suspicion I have is that my photos have some metadata such as facetags and geotags. I wonder if that could be a problem. All photos nowadays have metadata but I wonder if the WD live tv plus isn’t up to speed yet. Anyone have any ideas what could be the problem? I thought photo would be the easy part!

Did you read page 155 of the manual?  There are limits on picture size for each format size.  Even if you are within those limits, why don’t you try resizing some pictures that don’t display to 1920 by 1080 or smaller.

Thanks for the quick reply.  Yes I read that page.  It says JPEG 4096 x 4096.  All my images are well within those dimensions (3648 x 2432).  That said, I did try and reduce the dimensions of one photo that wouldn’t play.  I reduced it way down to 1280 x 853 and it did display.  That does mean it isn’t a metadata problem since all metadata was retained.  Sounds like a size problem however even the original size is well within the specification.  I should take a look at color depth maybe…hmmm

Any other ideas?

It could also be related to file size as well as photo size or a combination of the two.  I have not played extensively with the photo display option on WD.  However, if I were planning on using it extensively, I would crop my photos to the native screen resolution of my display.  

My thought process would be that most pictures could do with a bit of enhencement which any decent photo editing application can easily do.  I would also prefer that any scaling (or resizing) of my photos be done by an application that was more concerned with quality of the resized photo rather than the speed of resizing and the size of the scaling algorthim as is usually the case in a deciated device such as the WDTV. 

What a difference a day makes!  I have no idea why but today the photos are playing fine.  I left the WDLP on over night.  Perhaps it just needed to index them or something.  I don’t know.  They all play fine now.

A valid suggestion Frank.  But with family life I just don’t think I have the time to resize almost 8000 images!  :smileyvery-happy:  Mostly my plan is to use the photo display capabilities for showing background slideshows while entertaining relatives.  It’s just something nice to have going on in the background while people hang out and talk.

Well, that is the last issue I’ve had with my new WDLP!  This little box is nothing short of amazing.