Only one of my two USB drives is shareable

I have two WD MyBook USB drives plugged into the back of one of my PR4100s, both were shared with SMB and NFS. After upgrading to OS5, only one of them is still shared, the other one cannot be used to create a share any longer.

I’ve read here that USB drive sharing is no longer supported; which I think is bad for business considering there is competition.

SUPPORT: is there any possibility that this feature will be reintroduced in a coming firmware upgrade?


Is it possible they have identical names?


USB #1 name is "My Book USB"
USB #2 name is "My Book USB"

Instead of

"My Book USB 1"
"My Book USB 2"

USB #1: “Western_Digital My_Book_1230”
USB #2: “Western_Digital My_Book_25EE”

@mshadley please collect the system logs with both USB drives attached and send to support.
Let me know your case number as well.

Hi Support,

I collected system logs, how do I send to support? And how do I get a case number?


I used the link to message support and got case file #210206-001601
I still don’t know how to send the system logs to support.

MyCloudPR4100.txt (3.6 MB)

I tried sending the to support as an attachment in gmail, but it was blocked. So, I renamed it MyCloudPR4100.txt and uploaded it here. I hope this works, please rename it to


Hi SBrown,
Any update on this issue?