Only one of my shares appears in the Windows directory

I have 7 separate “Shares” that appear on my MYCloud Dashboard. All of them are set to “Public”. Only one of them appears in the Windows Directory. (Always the same one.) This is Local access. This Mycloud device is not set up for any mobile or web access.

I am using Windows 10 and Mycloud OS 5. (I just upgraded to 5, but this problem is not new.)

Are you able to provide an image of what you are seeing? See example image below.


Does this help?

Are you trying to search your My Cloud?

Here is what shows in the dropdown menu for my WDMYCLOUD 2nd generation on OS5 under Network.


These are the folders that show up if I look at what you are looking at.

Who do the seven shares belong to?

Here are my shares, as was shown in the first image I provided. If you want to see what’s in them then you need to open them as I showed. Be sure to read all the Help information that is provided in the Dashboard.

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Thank you very much, I do belive you have solved my problem!