Only my computer displaying in WD Smartware window after installation

I was hoping someone might be able to help with me with some difficulty I’ve been having setting up WD Smartware for my MyBook Essential that I just bought for my Mac.  I’ve spent a lot of time looking around and haven’t been able to find any answers or anyone with the same issue. Why would only my computer show up in the WD Smartware window after I install it? It should have my computer on the left side of the window with all of the different file categories, and my MyBook hard drive to the right of it in the middle of the window. As it is, only my computer shows up on the left with all the different file categories, but the file categories are all grayed out, as is the ‘Backup’ tab and the ‘Retrieve’ tab. I am only able to click on the ‘Settings’ tab, but the directions say that I shouldn’t have to do anything there to get my hard drive to display, and there doesn’t look to be a way anyway.

When I initially went to install the WD Smartware, I screwed up and opened up it up from the .dmg on my desktop, rather than directly from my MyBook as the directions say to do. I thought that when my MyBook didn’t appear on in the WD Smartware window that was why. So I uninstalled and reinstalled opening it up directly from my MyBook as the directions say to do, but I’m still encountering the same problem.

Also, the icon graphic for my MyBook changed after I reinstalled the WD Smartware the 2nd time. Is that normal???

Thanks to anyone that may be able to help. I’m beyond dumb when it comes to computers.

The  My Book Essential comes formatted for Windows, you need to reformat it for Mac, then SmartWare should  recognize it:  How to partition and format a WD drive on Windows (7, Vista, XP) and Mac OSX 

I did reformat it for Mac