Only "admin" can login to EX4100 (Windows 7)

Hello everyone. I’m helping a friend set up an EX4100 and we’re having problems with users logging in when mapping a network drive. The cloud features are working fine and the users can login that way. All users can also map the public shares without issue. When a user attempts to map a non-public share (to which that user has read/write access on the EX4100), Windows 7 asks for the user to login and denies access to everyone except the “admin” user. We’re definitely typing passwords correctly.

I’ve tried selecting the “change credentials” option when mapping the drive, but that doesn’t help. I’m not a Windows guy, so I’m out of ideas. Has anyone encountered this problem? Any advice?



I haven’t seen this before. Let’s see if any of the users can share some information about it. Also, you can create a case with support through the support site.


Try this

  • Log out of the Windows PC
  • Log in to the Windows PC
  • Go Into Network and Open the EX4100 but DO NOT CLICK ON THE PUBLIC SHARE
  • Click into the users PRIVATE SHARE
  • Enter the EX4100 username in all lowercase letters

If the user has Read/Write access to the share, then access will be granted.

I just got myself an EX4100 and have the same issue. I have several users on the system and public and private shares.

  • Mapping a public share works without entering credentials, as expected.
  • Mapping a private share with admin credentials works, as expected.
  • Mapping a private share with R/W access for user X does NOT work, not matter what I try.

This is absurd - that’s the whole point of having users and access protection. If I can only map as admin, every share on the WD can be mounted in that computer which is obviously not the idea. Everything work find via cloud access, so access privileges do work as expected there. Not on my Windows 10 boxes tho.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

With the great help of WD support this is now solved: I had the users with the problems in a group, and the group permissions overruled the users’ permissions … I guess a newbie blunder as this is my first own NAS. So removing the group solved the issue since I didn’t really need it for just 4 users.