Only 1 of 2 identical HDDs code 0202 "Not Supported"

Computer contains two identical: WD4003FZEX 0024SA
I booted to a USB drive and ran DOSDLG.EXE (v5.22; which I d/l-ed specifically because it does support these 4TB hard drives.).

One drive (0) scans with no errors.
The other drive (1) won’t scan due error code 0202 “Drive Not Supported”. Previously with this identical USB boot drive/DOSDLG this drive has scanned with no errors.

Since the drives are identical I believe both are supported, so what does this mean, please?

Hello there,

Are you able check with the Windows version of DLG to see if the same thing happens? I would also like to know if the drive is presenting issues when you use it.

I’d been having long boot times (which you probably know, and I find, often means HDD issues), and had just gotten a CHKDSK run request for the “problem” HDD at bootup, before I tried to run DOSDLG.

(Since CHKDSK both checks for bad sectors and for filesystem errors, I like to run HDD diagnostics before CHKDSK [particularly since in some cases CHKDSK’s filesystem effects can be catastrophic]. And for good measure I ran a full battery of hardware diagnostics: CPU, RAM, all HDDs.)

So next I did run CHKDSK on the drive, but the issue remained.

From this point my test results were weird. I removed the HDD but the long boot times
remained. I got a CHKDSK run request on my other 4TB HDD at bootup; I forget if I then ran CHKDSK but the long boot times remained.

Then I disconnected all but the system drive and the long boot times disappeared. I reconnected
the drives one at a time and the long boot times never returned!

Now, quite confused, I just booted to the USB drive and DOSDLG doesn’t say either 4TB HDD is “not supported”!

This all seems so mysterious I shall now run a repeat of my full battery of hardware diagnostics (CPU, RAM, all HDDs) before filing this issue mysteriously resolved. I’ll report back. Currently I’m wondering if I had a loose connector.

My full battery of hardware diagnostics all passed, and the issue has not returned. Perhaps my mobo somehow needed the drives all simply detatched and re-attached.